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Does our Homeowner’s Policy protect us if our dog bites someone?

Additional Information: I just got a German Shepard mix for my kids. My wife is concerned about our liability if the dog bites someone when she gets older. I thought we’d be covered by our homeowners insurance but I’m not certain.   Thanks you in advance for your help. ATTORNEY ANSWER: You may or may not be covered; it is very important to review your Homeowners policy closely to see what it says about this. Generally, you will have nothing to worry about unless and until your dogs bites someone for the first time. Once that happens you are presumed to be on notice as to the dogs propensity for biting and if it happens a second time you could be found liable. The general rule is that every dog gets one bite.   Attorney Christopher E. Heberg RI Personal Injury Lawyer

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I got bit by bed bugs while staying at a hotel. Do I have a personal injury case?

Additional Information: I stayed at a hotel and got bit by bed bugs.  I’ve missed work because of doctor’s appointments and have had to pay health insurance co-payments. Can I sue the hotel for negligence and damages?   Not sure if this is even something I should pursue.  I appreciate your advice. ATTORNEY ANSWER: You probably have a cause of action. However, unless you have suffered significant damages like permanent scarring, it will be tough to recover. It is always best to speak to an attorney with a case like yours to make sure all possible avenues of recovery are explored.

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