Medical misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose life-threatening illnesses can lead to delays in medical treatment and possibly untimely death. Sometimes a doctor’s misdiagnosis can leave a person with physical or mental disabilities for a lifetime.

We hold medical professionals accountable for their errors in diagnosis and treatment. We fight to recover financial compensation for the full extent of the damages.


Unfortunately, doctor misdiagnosis is a growing problem in Rhode Island and across the country. Misdiagnosing cancer or infection or misjudging the symptoms of a stroke or a heart attack can leave a patient with serious disability or shortened life.  We help victims of medical malpractice get the support and compensation they deserve. Our clients will not bear the consequences of professional negligence.

We offer a free case evaluation to better understand your situation and discuss your options. You will pay no attorney fees unless we win financial compensation in your case.

Contact us to speak with Attorney Heberg about your misdiagnosis claim and get answers to your specific questions as well as learn if you have a viable case. We are available for weekday, evening, and weekend appointments.

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