Tripped and fell and broke my wrist. Should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

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I tripped on one of the steps on the front porch at my rental apartment in Cranston.  I fell and broke my wrist. The landlord left me a voicemail message several months ago that he’d fix the rot on the porch, but he obviously didn’t get to it.  Now he’s claiming that he didn’t know about it.   The porch is the only entrance so my family didn’t have a choice but to use it.  Does this sound like a pretty strong case?  How much will hiring a personal injury or trip and fall lawyer cost?


You may or may not have a good case. I need to know how many units are contained in your apartment complex. Also, I need to see pictures of the stairs to determine for sure if the landlord failed to take some action to repair the entry way. I think you will probably have a good case if we can show you fell because the stairs were in some way defective. It will cost you nothing to hire an attorney until we recover money for you. If we are successful, we keep 1/3 of the total settlement as our fee.   Feel free to contact our office for a free consultation.

Cranston Trip and Fall Lawyer, Christopher E. Heberg obtains favorable settlements and verdicts for his clients slip and fall personal injury claims.   Attorney Heberg has represented numerous clients from Warwick and the surrounding communities including: West Warwick, East Greenwich, Greenwich Bay, and Cranston.

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