My sister was in an auto accident with an underage un-insured driver.

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My sister had a pretty bad injury to her head and neck after an automobile accident. Her friend was driving the car and they were exiting Route 95 to go to Warwick, RI when their car was hit by another car.   The other driver was underage, driving without a license and un-insured.  Do we have any hope of collecting any damages if we sue?


Yes, you definitely have hope of recovery. You should be able to make a claim against the driver and owner of the vehicle that your sister was a passenger in. Even if the car that struck them was uninsured, you should be able to recover for your sisters serious injuries.

Warwick Personal Injury lawyer, Christopher E. Heberg obtains favorable settlements and verdicts for his clients personal injury claims.   Attorney Heberg has represented numerous clients from Warwick and the surrounding communities including: West Warwick, East Greenwich, Greenwich Bay, and Cranston.

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