My son was injured by a dog in a friend’s neighborhood.

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My 11 year old son was bit by a dog last week.   He was visiting at a friend’s house in Cranston and a dog in the neighborhood bit him.  He had to get stitches and missed some days of school, so I missed some days of work.   Does Rhode Island law allow us to sue for that?


You may be able to sue if the dog bit your son outside of his “enclosure” Normally a dog owner is only liable if he is aware of the dog’s previous bites and then the dog bites another person. However, if the dog is loose in the neighborhood and then bites your son, you could still have a claim. 

Rhode Island  Dog Bite Injury Attorney, Christopher E. Heberg obtains favorable settlements and verdicts for his dog bite injury claims.   Attorney Heberg has represented numerous clients throughout Rhode Island including the communities of: Providence, Warwick, West Warwick, East Greenwich, Greenwich Bay, and Cranston.

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