Truck Accidents


Truck accident cases often involve serious personal injuries

Massive commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and big rigs like construction trucks can bring about destruction of anything in its path. Collisions that sometimes happen on congested roads or in hazardous weather conditions can and do cause devastation to drivers of cars that crash with these big trucks. We have handled numerous truck accident cases involving serious injuries and we are prepared to help you with any injuries you’ve suffered in any accident involving a truck.

Serious accidents involving commercial trucks can happen for many different reasons from weather conditions to mechanical malfunctions. Other notable reasons include:

  • Inattentive driving
  • Cell phone use while driving
  • Drug or alcohol use by the truck driver
  • Improper or unfinished truck inspections
  • Defective truck parts such as tires, brakes or transmissions
  • Incomplete or non-existent training of the truck driver


One of the most crucial pieces of evidence in a truck accident case is the truck driver’s log. It gives important information about the driver’s alertness, training and attention to truck maintenance.

Equally important in a trucking accident case is a detailed evaluation of the injuries, fatal or not. The manner of death matters in a wrongful death case. A long-term prognosis of a crash victim who has suffered catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries may require extensive observation by medical specialists.

Additionally, an injured victim has urgent needs, including reimbursement of medical expenses and replacement of lost wages. A lawyer with extensive experience advocating on behalf of truck accident victims is a valuable resource and ally.


The highways and roads around the Providence area, as well as all of Rhode Island, are busy with continuous traffic including out-of-town truckers and in-town delivery trucking. Commercial truck drivers rush through the cities and towns with the goal of hitting deadlines and completing their deliveries on time, whether across town or across the country.

If you’ve been in a serious truck accident in Rhode Island resulting in injury, we encourage you to call our office to learn your options and protect your rights as a victim. The sooner we are involved in the case, the more likely it is that all responsible parties will be properly identified and key evidence will be obtained. Call us for your free case evaluation.

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