I slipped and fell and fractured my arm. Do I have a personal injury case?

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I slipped and fell in the bathroom of a local Cranston store.   As a result of the slip and fall, I have 2 hairline fractures in my arm. There was a puddle from a leak from the roof (the ceiling had a large dark stain) but there was no “caution/ wet floor” sign.  There was another lady in the bathroom who saw me slip and fall.  She actually took a few pictures for me.   What is the store’s responsibility and do you think I have a personal injury case?


It appears you may well have a valid personal injury case. In most circumstances, a plaintiff simply can not prove the necessary elements to prove a slip and fall case as you must show that the defendant knew about the dangerous condition. In your case it appears we will be able to show that they either directly knew about the leak or should have known about the leak if they had conducted regular inspections. I think you probably have a good case. 

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