Car Accidents


We have represented hundreds of victims who were involved in serious car accidents in the greater Providence area and throughout Rhode Island. Our team is very experienced with all types of car accident injury cases and we are prepared to help you get full and fair compensation for your injuries.

We will help do everything possible so you receive the best possible result.


We will move quickly and act wisely on your behalf in the hours, days and weeks after your car accident. Your needs will be our primary concern when we represent you in your personal injury claim or lawsuit after a car crash.

  • We ensure you are receiving proper medical treatment for your injuries
  • We seek compensation for your lost wages
  • We communicate directly with the insurance companies
  • We investigate your accident
  • We obtain evidence including witness statements, photographs, and expert opinions
  • We obtain and evaluate police and operator reports
  • We review of all available sources of insurance
  • We seek reimbursement for your medical bills
  • We seek reimbursement for any other expense related to your accident
  • We obtain and evaluate medical records
  • We evaluate your injuries
  • We analyze any long-term financial needs, future wage loss or medical care
  • We negotiate your claim in order to achieve a successful result for you.



Beyond the fact-finding, we prepare for the hard work of negotiating with responsible parties and their legal representatives. Our goal is always to protect our clients’ rights so we can achieve a full and fair settlement for you.

No amount of money can compensate you for the pain, worry and disruption to your or a loved one’s life. However, through personal injury law, the injured has hope of obtaining relief for losses, both financial and intangible:

  • If you are seriously injured in a car accident, you may need surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, psychological counseling, vocational retraining and adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps and home remodeling.
  • “Intangible” losses may include loss of consortium (companionship) for the husband or wife of the injured person, loss of his or her ability to care for children in the family or simply the loss of the freedom to enjoy a normal life as before.


We are prepared to fight to ensure that your insurance settlement or verdict takes all of your losses into account. If you’ve been injured in a car accident we strongly encourage you to contact us to learn your options and to understand your rights. The sooner you connect with us, the more likely we will be able to maximize your recovery. Call us for your free case evaluation.

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