Birth Injuries


When a doctor, nurse or midwife makes a mistake during labor and delivery, it is often your baby who pays the price. Many times a birth injury accident can leave an innocent child with physical or mental disabilities for a lifetime.

When your child is injured at birth due to the mistakes of medical personnel those people should be held financially responsible through their malpractice insurance. We fight to recover financial compensation for the full extent of the damage caused and for the unforeseen future expenses and accommodations.


The effects of birth injuries on a family are long lasting and long reaching. Often, parents are unable to see past their grief, guilt and confusion to recognize future needs. We consider your (and your child’s) well being now and in the years to come.

We makes sure your claim includes all of the necessary elements, including all current and future costs for medical care, rehabilitation, and equipment such as motorized wheelchairs and handicapped-equipped vans. Does your home need to be modified for handicapped accessibility? We will fight for everything you need.

We handle birth injury cases from medical negligence during pregnancy, labor and delivery, including:

  • hypoxia
  • shoulder dystocia
  • cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy or Klumpke’s Palsy
  • brachial plexus injuries
  • paralysis or spinal cord trauma
  • forceps injury or bone fractures
  • failure to perform a Caesarian Section or delayed C-Section
  • failure to monitor fetus or respond to fetal distress
  • failure to detect and treat eclampsia, pre eclampsia, and other complications during pregnancy


Our firm retains highly-qualified and respected medical experts to review the medical records and determine whether or not accepted standards of care were breached. If so, we will aggressively pursue the full amount of financial compensation you deserve to compensate you and your child.

It costs you nothing to learn if you have a valid birth injury claim. Contact our firm today to arrange a free case evaluation and learn your options.

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