Nursing Home Neglect


We represent victims of negligence and abuse in Rhode Island nursing home, rehabilitation facility, and long-term care facilities. We take a nursing home injury or unexplained death seriously and pursue the matter aggressively as the elderly have lived long lives and have earned the right to be treated properly and with respect by the people they’ve entrusted.

We are prepared to seek answers to outstanding questions. If we find negligence or abuse, such as broken bones from a suspicious fall, unexplained bedsores or injuries, malnutrition, or excessive inappropriate use of medication, we will aggressively pursue justice and compensation for the victim and his or her loved ones.


There is nothing more heartbreaking to a family member than to learn the nursing home they entrusted to care for the person so dear to them has not only failed but may have been abusive to their loved one.

We know that the grief-stricken family wants to help ensure that other families do not suffer a similar fate and therefore, bringing a claim to court may be the only solution and deterrent for future neglect or abuse.

A settlement or verdict in a nursing home negligence case does not just involve monetary relief for the victim or family. It usually also includes remediation of procedures at the long-term care facility to protect future residents who might be subject to the same fate.

Nursing home negligence victims suffer injuries such as:

  • Fractures resulting from falls occurring while walking without assistance, when not properly secured in bed, or when going to the bathroom without help
  • Bedsores resulting from helpers’ failure to turn a person as often as was needed
  • Malnourishment or dehydration
  • Unexplained injuries pointing to abuse as a likely cause


We are very aware that nursing home management will work hard to protect their facility’s reputation when allegations of negligence arise. We have the skills and experience necessary to conduct an investigation into what the real cause of the injury was. This investigation will most likely include discussions with roommates, family members who had visited recently, and people who worked with the person who was injured, whether he or she was a young or elderly disabled person.

Schedule a free case evaluation regarding your, or your family member’s, injury or death under suspicious circumstances in a Rhode Island long-term care facility such as a nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

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