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I am feeling fine after a minor car accident. Will skipping a doctor’s visit now hurt my chances of a personal injury settlement later?

I always would have to recommend that you get yourself checked out at a doctor. Its critical to make sure you are not suffering from any latent injuries that may become more apparent after time. It quite normal that with the rush of adrenaline and nerves you experience immediately after an accident, your body may suppress pain as part of its ancient survival mechanisms. Frequently, you do not realize you are injured until you have had a chance to calm down. Injuries, even serious ones, can take days to manifest themselves and may not always have obvious symptoms. For your own health and safety, go to a doctor immediately after a car accident. Financially, the longer you wait to use your insurance, or make claims against the other party, the longer you may be stuck with unpaid medical bills or lost wages. The longer you wait to treat injuries, the

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Construction Site Accidents, What you need to know

Workplace accidents happen far too often, especially on or near construction sites. Workers are often subjected to serious industry specific hazards due to the dangerous nature of their profession. In Rhode Island the construction industry is thriving and the number of construction accidents is unfortunately rising. Statistics from the United States Department of Labor  (DOL) tells us that twenty percent of all workplace fatalities nationwide were in the construction industry. In 2014, there were 899 deaths, or more than two deaths per day! The DOL goes on to state that the four most common types of construction injuries, AKA the “fatal four”, are: Falls Electrocutions Being struck by an object Being caught on, or crushed by equipment or collapsing buildings. Other reasons, or causes, construction workers are vulnerable to injuries include; exposure to chemicals, and injuries sustained from faulty or poorly maintained equipment.

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How To Start Your Personal Injury Case in Rhode Island

Suffering an injury due to an accident can be an upsetting time. Finding a personal injury lawyer who will protect your rights and fight for just compensation is essential. After all, it’s the only way that you can be sure that you receive the care you need. The Law Offices of Christopher Heberg can help, whether it is immediate care for a broken bone or longer-term care such as physical therapy, or other rehabilitation, to help you get back to where you were before the accident. You almost certainly will require both medical and legal guidance in determining how to proceed in recovery, physically and monetarily. Our attorneys understand not only the stress and physical burdens you will endure but also the financial challenges that lay ahead. Serious personal injury can change your life and you need an experienced legal team by your side.

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Consequences of Devastating Head Injuries

In a single year, 50,000 people lose their lives, 280,000 are people hospitalized and 2.2 million people are seen in emergency rooms: these statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show the impact of head injuries in the United States. The magnitude of these statistics is worthy of discussion; particularly since a traumatic head injury can be the result of car accidents, slip and fall accidents and assaults. Head Injuries Pose Potential for Long-Term Consequences to the victim. While a head injury can have immediate repercussions for victims including headaches, temporary memory loss and feelings of sleepiness, the long-term consequences should not be ignored. Even those victims who suffer very mild symptoms of a head injury after a car accident need to use caution; repeat head trauma has been associated with higher incidence of Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Those with severe head injuries immediately after an accident can

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Do Not Ignore Your Slip and Fall Injury

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in a local grocery store or other business, you might be looking to put the event behind you as soon as possible. After all, slipping and falling in such a public venue can be embarrassing, and you might not want to make a bigger deal out of it or call more attention to it than is necessary. However, if you suffered an injury in one of these accidents, you need to take it very seriously and shouldn’t just ignore the situation or avoid filing a personal injury case. Here’s why. Your Injuries Could Cost You More Than You Think After slipping and falling, you might think that a little time and taking it easy will make your injury better. However, chances are that your injuries could be a lot more costly than you think. Medical care is not cheap,

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Premises Liability and Rhode Island Law

Premises Liability deals with the proper maintenance of public and private property. Examples of those affected by premises liability can include, but are not limited to, landlords, restaurant owners, and retail business owners. Under Rhode Island law, owners and managers are required to maintain and secure their property to avoid unsafe or hazardous conditions that could cause residents or guests harm. Examples of Premises Liability Slip and fall accidents Swimming accidents Liquor liability Snow and ice accidents Faulty electrical equipment/wiring Inadequate building security Stairway or disability ramp accidents Elevator or escalator accidents Balcony or porch collapse Diving accidents Sidewalk accidents Pursuing recovery for premises accidents can be complex. If you are considering doing so, it is highly recommended that you hire an attorney. A premises liability lawyer can help establish negligence by consulting with experts such as contractors, electricians, and security specialists.

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Rhode Island Personal Injury Claims: What You Need to Know

When you are injured in an accident, the pain and stress of dealing with your injury can be overwhelming. But you do not have to go it alone. A personal injury claim can help you receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional trauma. What is a personal injury claim? A personal injury claim is made against a person or insurance company alleging that your injury was caused by the negligence of another. Most personal injury claims are the result of car accidents, work related accidents, trips and falls, and product malfunction accidents. What do I need to do? If you would like to file a personal injury claim, it is highly recommended that you first engage the services of an attorney. An attorney will be well-versed in state law and will research all the pertinent facts of your case. When you are injured it can

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Need to hire a RI auto accident lawyer. Statute of limitations?

Additional Information: I was involved in a car accident on a residential street in Barrington, RI and pretty seriously injured.  I was contacted by someone who I think represents an attorney and she is pressuring me saying I should hire an attorney fast.  What’s the statute on limitations to file a personal injury claim in RI and what difference does it really make if I hire a lawyer now or in a couple of months? ATTORNEY ANSWER: The RI statute of limitations is generally three years. If you are concerned that someone may be trying to get you to hire an attorney that they either work with or have a relation to, it is probably best to avoid contact with them Attorney’s are not supposed to actively solicit clients in that manner and this would probably be a violation of the rules governing the practice of law. As to when

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My son was injured by a dog in a friend’s neighborhood.

Additional Information: My 11 year old son was bit by a dog last week.   He was visiting at a friend’s house in Cranston and a dog in the neighborhood bit him.  He had to get stitches and missed some days of school, so I missed some days of work.   Does Rhode Island law allow us to sue for that? ATTORNEY ANSWER: You may be able to sue if the dog bit your son outside of his “enclosure” Normally a dog owner is only liable if he is aware of the dog’s previous bites and then the dog bites another person. However, if the dog is loose in the neighborhood and then bites your son, you could still have a claim. 

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I slipped and fell in a Providence restaurant. Do I have a personal injury case?

Additional Information: I slipped and fell and shattered my elbow at a Providence restaurant due to a slippery surface.  There were several other patrons who slipped in the same spot (near the bar and server’s station) all witnessed by one of the bartenders.  I have some mobility issues and will need another surgery and continued physical therapy.  Do I have a case against the restaurant and can I sue for damages as I will probably not be able to play tennis like I had in the past? ATTORNEY ANSWER: Slip and fall cases are extremely difficult to prevail upon. However, it sounds like you may have one of the very few viable cases. Your case hinges upon the testimony of the bartender, as once he became aware of the slippery condition; the restaurant had an obligation to clean the area. There failure to do so might cause them to become

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